About Us

Netrics was founded in Princeton, NJ in August 2000 by Peter Yianilos and Stefanos Damianakis to commercialize breakthrough technology for inexact data matching. Dr. Yianilos is widely acknowledged as a pioneer in the field of automated spelling and grammar correction. The patented advanced bipartite graph matching algorithm embodied in the Netrics Matching Engine, and machine learning technologies embedded in the Decision Engine, represent the latest breakthroughs in more than twenty years of theoretical and systems research and development.

Netrics' mission is to provide the best-in-class data access and data quality solutions for real world applications. These solutions transform real-world data - containing inconsistencies, duplicates, and variants - into usable and useful information.

Our offices are located at:
707 State Road, Suite 212
Princeton, NJ 08540 USA

Tel: 609-683-4002

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